About CovaSolutions

  • Cova Solutions is a consulting firm providing assistance to Spanish companies moving their business operations abroad.

  • Cova Solutions offers its clients alternative solutions for a rapid and cost-effective entry into the target market.

  • CovaSolutions knowledgeable team will help you and your company develop and implement winning strategies in the global arena.

Our Work

Our work is based on the constant observation of real life corporate situations experienced by Spanish companies landing abroad. Replicate proven strategies and avoid major mistakes. More than 10 years of observation led us to build the MBO Business Workshop and the MBO Business Development method. Our workshops trains business executives and expatriates on Spain-US business practices and our MBO Business Development program divided by phases ensures the most cost effective assistance during the internacionalization process. One of our critical success factors in our work is the personal experience of our team, every team member has lived and worked in Spain and the US, has a powerful network in the two countries and has had to face different cultural values and business practices during their careers between the two countries. Our work is to inform, to train and to connect the unconnected.

Partners and collaborators