Not all Spanish companies who want to enter the U.S. are trained to do

In our series of interviews with the authors of mecenium , this week will address a topic of great interest to entrepreneurs, from the hand of Esther Diz ( @ estherdiz ), expert in internationalization and business development, and author of the course “ How to implement your successful company in USA “.

Have you ever thought about taking your business abroad and operate in the U.S.? Keep reading because we are confident that the valuable advice and insight of Esther will be very useful.

Esther, more and more companies in Spain and Latin America are “taking the leap” to the U.S. market, apparently with great success in many cases, can your data and your experience corroborate this impression? Is this a good time?

Depends. Although we have seen a significant return of investment funds from emerging markets and a sharp correction of the U.S. economic situation, not all Spanish companies who want to enter the U.S. are trained to do.

During the last decade the government of Spain has spent millions businessmen walking possibilities in that market without attending trade missions mounted by all out and publicly funded. I have personally attended several of these missions from the U.S. as a young entrepreneur living in Pennsylvania without any help. During the same have been able to detect the failure of this model and I have seen how a couple of meetings in the target market does not guarantee the implementation of a company however interesting activity for potential U.S. partner or buyer.

In this lack Cova Solutions has seen an opportunity because we firmly believe that without a comprehensive monitoring and strong investment in human capital and resources in the area or market it seeks to penetrate (although these resources are outsourced at startup) hardly materialize its objectives a Spanish company that has no permanent presence to 11,000 miles with a time difference between 6h and 9h and with significant language and cultural barriers.

It is true that more than 310 million people with a GDP per capita of over $ 45 000, USA presents a number of markets (nearly one per state or hub sector) very attractive. At present the country is experiencing an increase in job creation and consumption and a change in the health regulations, financial and fiscal pointing to recovery and new investment opportunities in these sectors.

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