Is an 8 hour interactive workshop for managers involved or looking to be involved in an international business expansion. Internationalisation workshops are geared to finding business opportunities and/or partners for companies from in both sides of the Atlantic.

The main objectives of our Internationalisation workshops and business virtual meetings can be divided in three:

  • To create a meeting point for our sponsors and collaborators to present their companies and services to companies interested in doing business abroad, particularly in the US market.
  • To give attendees the opportunity to network and find partners and business opportunities as well as trusted service providers.
  • To give attendees the opportunity to ask direct questions to the Internationalisation speakers who are specialist in judicial, financing and business cultural practices between the two countries.

Why is Internationalisation beneficial to your organization?

This series of workshops aim to increase the competitiveness of Spanish companies operating or looking to operate in the US market. By participating in the Internationalisation Workshop as an attendee, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the most reliable professionals in the Spain-US business development arena. Interested in becoming a sponsor? By participating in the Internationalisation as a collaborator, sponsor or speaker your organization will have the opportunity to:

  • Address workshop attendees on a one on one basis through a short presentation
  • Increase your client portfolio with companies that are really commited to perform in the US market
  • Network and gain significant exposure in the US >< Spain corporate community

What is the intended life cycle of the Internationalisation workshop series?

The Internationalisation workshop series is created to become a recognized periodical educational training session offered through the US-Spain chambers of Commerce and any other interested private entities. The workshop is normally offered in Spain and is divided in two modules (morning and afternoon) Workshop hours are from 10 am to 8 pm Spanish time. The morning module will cover typical Internationalisation topics of interest to Spanish Executives and the afternoon module contemplates a virtual meeting (3.5 hour session) between companies of both sides of the Atlantic. The companies are expected to introduce themselves and discuss interesting topics with the help of two moderators.

Sample Sectorail Internationalisation Agenda

  • A new energetic model for the US
  • Energy Efficiency in the private sector
  • Business Opportunities Spain-Texas

A simple Internationalisation Agenda from past editions includes:

  • 10:00 AM - Opening
  • 10:15 AM - US Market Remarks & Human Capital Management Spain-US
  • 10:35 AM - Legal Barriers Spain-US
  • 11:05 AM - Business Opportunities Spain-US
  • 12:05 AM - The Need for Financial Services in the US
  • 13:25 AM - Entering the US Market
  • 16:00 PM - Virtual Business Meeting Introductions
  • 17:45 PM - Virtual Business Meeting and RoundTable Spain-US