We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation services in each of our projects by making sure we assign every document to the most appropriate specialised team. Covalingua only works with senior qualified translators, proofreaders and editors, this results in the reliable and professional translation service that our regular customers value.

Document translations can be certified, notarized and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

Our translation agency also provides interpreting services in Spain and the US.

Document Translation

Translation consists of rendering a written text from the language in which it was originally written (the source language) to a different language (the target language). At Covalingua, a typical translation project involves a professional translator working into their native language, a second linguist who proofreads the translation, and our internal Quality Control process designed to ensure the highest quality standards.

Covalingua LLC provides a wide range of translation services in different fields. Below you will find examples of some of our most recent field-related projects.

  • Legal Documents Translation (Sworn)

  • Medical Case Management

  • Insurance Documents

  • Marketing Materials

  • Educational Credentials

  • Depositions and transcriptions

  • Business Status Reports

  • General Business Agreements

  • Conference Calls

  • Health and Safety Materials

  • Wine Industry Documents

  • Packaging and Manuals

  • Multilingual Menus

  • Official Communications

  • Escort Interpreting for Business People

  • Medical Interpreting

  • On-site Interpreting

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Procedures and User Manuals

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Language Training

Covalingua offers private language lessons and small group lessons for busy professionals looking to improve their language skills.

Document Proofreading

A proofreader is a second pair of eyes (also a translator) looking for translation errors on the translated document.

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Document Editing / Adaptation

An editor will correct your existing document or the translated document for spelling, grammar and typographical errors. An editor will also adapt your text to a particular audience.

Professional Interpreting

Interpreting services are now becoming crucial to businesses both large and small. We provide different types of interpreting services you can choose from to best suit your needs, for example; Consecutive interpreting and Simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is the most commonly requested as it is the easiest service to arrange and set up. A consecutive interpreter will wait until the end of the speaker’s sentence before interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting takes a bit more setting up and is ideal for situations where there are people present who speak many different languages. You may have seen simultaneous interpreting in action at international conferences or meetings. Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters working in teams of 2 or 3 in sound-proofed booths. Interpreters interpret what the speaker is saying as they are saying it into a microphone, and the delegates listen through headsets.